Student Management

Student data are the main element for any educational institute. The Skyzone student management software module provides better bulk data storage of student with easiness. The student information module helps to generate student id card, various examine reports, student behavior reports,Student Data And Photo Can Be Imported Or Scan etc. The user can track record of like student activities, health record, previous school details and exam results etc.

Skyzone School Management Software cover the whole procedure of student admission to till leave the school

The student information systemmaintains disciplinary data of student in the form of student behavior reports. Student’s activity and performance also can be tracked by various reports. The student attendance report provides accurate data of student about his/her absence from school. SMS can be sent to parents about their child’s absence through Skyzone School Management software. Student data and photo can be imported from system. Skyzone School Management Software also store the previous student details who left the school and it will be fetched as per requirement.

Module Benefits

  • SMS Facility For Parents
  • Student Id Card Generation Facility
  • Easily Track Record Of Student Attendance
  • Automatic Percentile Rank Report Generation
  • Alumni Student Can Be Found On Single Click
  • Student Data And Photo Can Be Imported Or Scan
  • Quite Simply Fetching Leave Reason Of Student Data
  • Print Various Reports On Any Type And Size Of Paper
  • Available Student Emergency Contact Records
  • Place Student Information Online Via Our School Web portal

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