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Maulana Azad English School, UN

The Foundation was established on the occasion of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad's birth centenary celebrations. His eventful life was packed with outstanding achievements in the diverse fields. He was towering figure on the Indian political scene and a scholar rated high in the realms of Urdu Literature

Sun Flower Public School, Devadh Gam

Today this institute is teeming with thousands of students. This school is just like worshiping place of goddess Maa Saraswati and working to build a bridge between knowledge and civilization. The chattering of students spreads amidst the whole building like sweet music of the lyre of Goddess.

Jivanjyot Vidhayabhavan, Punagam

We impart knowledge with the objective to inspire creative thinking and promote problem solving skills of our students, helping them to be most successful in all spheres of life. We give equal priority to sports and curricular activities, ensuring overall growth and knowledge amidst a “learn and play” environment

R.V.Patel School, Amroli, Surat

Provide co-curricular and residential facilities of the highest standards in a safe and secure environment. Lives of great men all remind us, We can make our lives sublime, And departing leave behind foot prints,On the sands of time.

Gangadhra, Bardoli

To succeed in the twenty-first century, we must learn to embrace change. The challenge of change is forcing us to rethink our values and to rekindle the spirit of adventure. It will take courage, resourcefulness and endurance to meet this... challenge the courage to try, to commit and to take risks; the resourcefulness to be innovative and creative in finding new ways of doing old things; and the endurance to keep going when the going gets tough.

Gnandeep Vidya Sankul, Kamrej

Our mission is to help every child be well-prepared for their futures with different solf-skills, fast and accurate in problem solving and make the best decision in every situations.

Sun Rays, Udhna

Upon graduation from Sun Rays, as the students write the next chapter in the story of their lives, our commitment is for them is to go forth even more curious than when they arrived as a direct result of everything, and everyone, they experienced at Sun Rays. They are prepared to take this next step with the confidence that comes from being skilled and active learners, fueled with a passion for learning, and on a quest to fulfill their promise.

Mary Matha Public School, Pandesara

Mary Matha Bethany Public School started in 2002, owned by the Order of the Imitation of Christ (0IC), Bethany Ashram, a Pontifical Congregation in the Catholic Church and managed by Bethany Navajyothy Province, Aluva. Bethany fathers run schools and colleges in different states of India with a social commitment of quality education to all, and to provide "Jnana with Bhagavan."
The school offers the curriculum and syllabus of Gujarat Board of Secondary Education (GBSE), Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The medium of instruction is English. It is envisaged as a 10+2 co-educational standard with qualified and talented staff and modern facilities.

Sandipani Vidyalaya, Godadara

Our vision is to be a premier global educational institution which develops the human resource for our dynamic and expanding community, the state, the nation, the region and the world at large. Through our institutions, we will cultivate all round development of qualities in a student through excellence in education that shall foster academics, understanding, brilliance, spiritual well-being, physical development, psychological strengths, resourcefulness and creative skills, social responsibility and concern for one's environment.

Swami Vivekanand Vidhyalay, Amroli, Surat

Innovation in teaching methods has always been a highlight in Swami Vivekanand Vidhyalay. The school was the first to introduce in this part of Amroli, surat, the latest technological aids in the field of education like ICT (Interactive Communication Technologies) with smart & interactive boards, The coming year will see the addition of a Digital Library and a Mobile APP.

Shree Saibaba Marathi VidhyaMandir, Bhestan, Surat

Shree Saibaba Education is one of the most prominent and leading schools in Gujarat.It is managed by Shree Saibaba Education And Charitable Trust. It is rare to find both, quality and quantity hand in hand, but our School has proved that it is possible. With a large number of students under one umbrella, with superior teaching techniques and focused attention, Bright students excel in all spheres, not only at National but also at international Level.

At our school, we provide the environment to enable our students to realize their true potential and evolve into confident and responsible adults who are able to contribute meaningfully to the society.

Matrix Global School, Velanja, Surat

Encourage student`s learning by promoting a sense of accomplishment in their own achievements of others. Matrix offers all the students an opportunity to participate in every activity of the school to inculcate confidence, maturity and courage in students through textbooks ,hence these activities leave behind lessons on ethics and values which will remain with the child through out their life.

"Matrix Global School prepares kids for life. It creates in them a sense of life skills early on that will carry them through college and the workplace."

Nav Nirman High School, Maroli, Surat

Every school has and is a story. Every life connected to a school, regardless of age or role, is a part of and is shaped by that story. That is why schools, and especially this school, are such special places. Nav Nirman High School is one of the premier educational institutions in Maroli, Surat.

Shree Swaminarayn Vidhyalaya, Khambha, Amreli

One of the independent and premier schools of Gujarat, Shree Swaminarayn Vidhyalaya, Khambha was established in Amreli. Shree Swaminarayn Vidhyalaya is the first English medium and co-educational school in the eastern region of Amreli, offering Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.

Gangadhara High-School, Ganagadhar, Bardoli

Education is much more than mere learning. It's a soul searching exercise committed towards excellence. And as challenges have grown over the years the education system has also evolved to stand up to these challenges. Vadodara encompasses in itself the entire range of skills & knowledge required in formulating the guiding principles which helps the students to grow into such individuals who are not only capable of competing with the best but also embodying the values which draw on our best cultural heritage.

SD Jain Vadodara Ajwa Road

SD Jain Vadodara is one of the most prominent and leading schools in Gujarat with a strength of more than 1600 students under the care of more than 1000 teaching and non-teaching staff. School committed to developing strong sense of identity, gentleness, frugality, perseverance and strong human values in students by providing good academic guidance, sports, and other co-curricular activities with emphasis on the character building.

Noble Public School, Rajkot

We at Noble Public School, Rajkot, have a mission to create individuals who are confident about their potential and are sensitive to their environment and above all, co-creators of their own destiny. Our aim is to help a child realise his/her inner strength and give him a conducive environment to grow and evolve as a good social being and a global citizen.
“Lives of great men all remind us, We can make our lives sublime, And departing leave behind foot prints, On the sands of time.”

Navodaya School, Surat

Navodaya School-Surat, with strength of more than 900 students is a multi-activity center. Navodaya School have a very strict policy to provide a secure, safe & invigorating Environment to students, and in order to maintain it they had a rule that it is compulsory for students to come by school bus only. Navodaya School have more than 15 buses actively.Navodaya School approached & worked with many school management software but none of them was able to provide them satisfaction to their needs.

Maruti School, MP

Maruti Academy, Ratlam is spread over 7 Acres of land in lush green, Serene atmosphere having spacious building with all modern facilities for its students and now it is considered as one of the best CBSE affiliated schools of Ratlam.

It was a revolution in the academic circles of Ratlam when the foundation stone of Maruti Academy was laid in the year 2003. Today Maruti Academy, Ratlam is a well known name where innovation and creative methods of teaching imparting quality education are practiced successfully. The eternal, educational journey of Maruti Academy Continues with a step forwarded towards the planning of college at satrunda with the ultimate objective of providing higher education to the children of rural area.

Adarsh Vidhyapith, UP

Adarsh Vidhyapith School situated in UP with the aim to serve and empower the children of UP with the best education. This is a co-ed school for secondary and higher secondary level students.One can find a good balance available between activities and resources compared to larger or smaller size schools. The relationship of Pupils-teacher is so commentable, the qualified teachers are so very co-operative .The School is known for its high ethics and the best education.

Mother’s Care English School, Bihar

The aim of the schools of this trust is to provide the students mental, physical & spiritual growth with the support of generous management of the trust.School consist of 800 highly-qualified and experienced teachers who share their vast experience in form of education to more than 6000 students.

The schools's Students are excellent not only in academics but also in extracurricular activities as well. The School trust have ranked higher not only in Board-results but also in extra curricular activities like Cultural, Swimming, Yoga, Karate and Skating Competitions.

School Of Science, Rajula, Amreli

To recognize and enable individual endeavour, we have continual evaluation, following a grading system highlighting effort as well as achievement at the Primary and Secondary levels.So that children can grow and develop at their own pace, with the minimum of unwanted pressure, we have divided the school into Pre Primary, Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary Blocks.
Each Block is independent and has its separate facilities, customized to cater to the specific needs of the particular age group.In keeping with the times, School of Science continues the established trend of all Schools by providing equal opportunity to both girls and boys.

Suryoday Vidhyalaya, Banaskantha

Our mission to create conducive learning environment which will enable students to become life long learners and responsible global citizens. Our scholastic record, innovative learning methods and strong commitment to delivering quality through integrity has helped us scale heights that few have managed in the field of education.

Tapan Vidhyalay, Talaja, Bhavnagar

Known to mould traditional values into a modern, real-world context, Tapan Vidhyalay prepares students to get set out on a journey of academic as well as personal excellence. It imparts the finest education to its students balancing it with extra-curricular.
Cultural activities and interactive sessions as the essential part of childhood is free spirit and recreation, Tapan Vidhyalay offers enriching activities like dance, music, gymnastics, taekwondo, skating, drama, etc.

Nachiketa Vidhyalaya, Rajula, Bhavnagar

Education, the term has been derived from the Greek word 'educo' which means 'bring out'. We, at Nachiketa Schooling System believe and breathe this meaning. Education definitely does not mean to stuff information in creative souls of children; after all, child is the father of the man! A teacher's duty is to nurture and bring out the inner talent and strength of children. Let's stop our rising generation from suffocating under the heavy burden of dry information; let's celebrate education.
<b>EDUCATION BOARDS:</b> GSEB Affiliated, English medium education at competitive edge. Gujarati Medium Education with creative & comprehensive English.

Gyandeep Amroli, Surat

Main Vision of the school is a learning environment for children which encourages them to bring the best and support their all-round development, in which learning, awakening of joy and multi-dimensional methods, through their illumination of their intellect To provide.
Inquisitive to work Samarthahi is life. Making a monologue Be aware of the importance of self, never give up. Inspiring for wonderful work in life. Explain the essence of life with the Gita Ramayana and through the absence of great great men. Encourage for challenging work in life.

Gyandeep Vidhya Sankul, Kathodara, Surat

We are committed to provide quality education that is accessible to all sections of society irrespective of caste, socio-economic status, religion and nationality. The school seeks to promote inter-cultural understanding and mutual respect by encouraging all forms of diversity (cultural, intellectual, physical, linguistic and other) within and without the classroom in order to engender diverse learner interactions, which are a fundamental resource to its innovative pedagogy...

The school is committed to develop and implement a pedagogy, which allows for learning to be an enjoyable experience that is purposeful, logical and coherent.

Sardar Patel Kadodara, Surat

sardar patel's school welcomes you. Here our children get disciplined education of course with play-way method, also learn important factors like courtesy , virtue , good manners , hard and smart work too. We organize exciting events throughout the year, as well as provide a way for parents to specialize such events from the past year included the different days & festival's celebrations, different school & inter school competitions, Annual function, Blood donation camps etc...
Traditional methods of teaching are applied but many different methodoligies are also given importance, so the students can step in modern era.

Kasturba Trust School, Mahuva, Bhavnagar

Education is incomplete without placing a high premium on value education and so we work upon the young minds and imbue them with the ideals of love ,truth, justice, peace, righteous conduct and service to the society.

Our teacher's proficient derives strength from his/ her competence, quality of leadership and above all compassion and magnanimity. The growth and development of the child can be maximized only if there is a Healthy collaboration between the School and the Parents, as the dictum goes that " A parent is the first teacher and a teacher is the second parent " we endeavour to develop a more persistent and continual mechanism to obtain parent's response.

swami vivekanad sankul school

With the mission to cultivate and nurturing young minds of the future, Swami Vivekanand sankul is founded in 2008. We are following high standards in governance, established with the best academic criteria, and well-administered management processes. Here, the process of growth and constant improvement is endless. We established the institute with the Vision to Develop qualities of independence, and to provide equal opportunities, and the curriculum that leads to the holistic development of the child.

Navyug English School-Navsari

Anand Education Trust was established in 30th October 1996 to provide education facilities in the rural area of Vansda and surrounding destination. To achieve its goal, it led the foundation of Navyug English School in the year 1997.

The aim of the school is to prepare the student to grow in to caring and cultured citizens in a changing world by providing quality education and a secure environment in partnership with the community.

Navyug English School is committed to maximize the potential of each student and shape in a courageous, committed and capable individual. Eternal values are cultivating in young and impressionable minds to help them think creatively, reason critically. They are prepared to face the future challenges.

Navyug English School run by Anand Education Trust has successfully completed decade of excellence in imparting education in South Gujarat from Pre-Primary to Secondary Section.

Pearl English School Aai Mata Road Surat

You are gifted and blessed to be a student of 'Pearl English School'. It is your joyful world where you learn to live, achieve and succeed.You are going to stay in a park, where you are loved,encouraged, admired and appreciated.
Prepare yourself to face the world. Every class room is a lively experience. Every teacher is your guide. They give you energy and power to inculcate a planned life. Be a performer. Develop yourself, participate in all activities and try to feel the facts. Learn to respect elders, help the needy, trust relationships, face problems and try your best.


Angels International School is an inspiring and modern pre-school and playstation for your child. Your child gets international quality of education with Indian values amid joyous ambience. The amazing blend of Academics, Technologies and Infrastructure not only delights but energizes your kids to learn while playing.

The school truly matches the best of playschools nationally and presents lively learning and playing. The infrastructure supports your kids to unleash their creativity and innate skills in a free and spirited way. Learning is a fun at "Angels International School" with the concern of overall growth and grooming of the child to transform him into a better citizen.

Angels International Schoolmixes modernity with technology to produce the future individuals. All sorts of facilities have been offered for your child's growth. At us, various learning methods through fun, play stations, audio-video auditorium and equally charming tools help out the children to learn while playing and sense things differently.

Prakash Vidhyalaya – Varachha Surat

Prakash Vidyalaya is one of the co-educational& residential schools in Surat offering curriculum from GSEB. The motto of the school is WORKING TOWARDS A BETTER AND AN EDUCATED SOCIETY.

It is rare to find both, quality and quantity hand in hand, but Bright School has proved that it is possible. With a large number of students under one umbrella, with superior teaching techniques and focused attention, Prakash Vidyalaya students excel in all spheres, not only at National but also at international Level.

At Prakash Vidyalaya, we provide the environment to enable our students to realize their true potential and evolve into confident and responsible adults who are able to contribute meaningfully to the society.

killol pree school adajan

Killol is managed by Chandrikaben Bhatt (having experience of more than 20 years in the field of Babysitting/Day Care Centre) and Sheetal Bhatt (having experience of more than 12 years in the field of Preschool and Babysitting/Day Care Centre).

We have adequate team of Teachers, Assistant Teachers & support staff to look after every need of your kids at Killol. The staff at Killol is selected with great care as they have to deal with kids ranging from 6 months to 12 years.

Killol started its activities in the year 1997. We have Babysitting/Day Care Centre, Playgroup (Gujarati & English) and Nursery (Gujarati & English) for kids of the age group of 6 months to 12 years.

Sunrise Group Of Schools – Godadara , Surat

Sunrise Vidyalaya, including all of our schools, is committed to acting on our new vision, mission and values statements. These new statements that emphasize student success and well-being reflect the future-focused and innovative organization that we are today.

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