Smart School Management System

You can access our complete demo. Given the nature of the system, it is not feasible for us to set up a trial for each customer, but our demo is set up to enable you to experience the full range of features along with the intuitive interface we’ve designed.

Installation Guide

  • Run the downloaded exe.
  • Register the school name and details.
  • Then you have to insert a serial key (Tria/Register) for this you have to contact us on +91+9824622268, +91-9824622269.
  • Then you will see a login page, here enter username as “skyzone” and password as “skyzone”.
  • Then a section page will be opened where you have to select the school and add the sections related to that school.
  • If you have any query please feel free to call us on +91+9824622268, +91-9824622269. or mail us at
  • If you want to purchase skyzone school master software login in our site and click on Buynow menu..and purchase it and after getting your payment we will provide you serial key..

School Management Software-ERP-Best Software in India

Top School Management Software with multiple features that is highly beneficial for School.Buy Online School ERP in Surat.Top Coaching Software in india.

Best School Management Software with multiple features that is highly beneficial for School.Best School Software in India,Buy Online School ERP in Surat.Primary School Software.

Software helps manage students, teachers, classes, sections, fees, attendance and marks. It provides easy reports like CBSE-CCE, outstanding fees, marks, attendance etc. This is a must have software for all schools. SMS is developed after collecting requirements from several schools. It is a product that is focused on making life easy for school management staff. The product is very easy to use and considers that most staff members at schools are not technology savvy people or typical geeks. The software guarantees saving of money and time for management apart from organizing the school information. It has over 30 reports available at a click of a button which give all the details of a school.

Features of Skyzone School Management Software

This online school management system also includes a whole range of activities such as incorporating different rules of an education system and taking care of diverse needs coming from different standards emerging in education such as boards, grades, government standards and compliances, to name a few. Yet another advantage of this education management system software is that it runs on minimal hardware and easily fits in the budget of schools.

NOTE: In order to access the demo you need to use User Name: admin and Password: admin1. Also, you need to send an email to request the evaluation license key.

CBSE CCE report, user management,library management,configure bulk sms / gsm /sms / eMail.

Over 30 reports available at a click of a button to have all the details of a school.

What is a School Management System (SMS)? A School Management System (SMS) is the primary system for efficiently operating schools, and includes appli…

Special Features (SMS Integration) :

Strongly integrated SMS facility

Send SMS to All Students & Staffs.

Send SMS to All Students.

Send SMS to All Staffs.

Send SMS to Individual phone number.

Send SMS to Selected people.

Can create SMS templates & use.

Can send custom messages without using template.

Print & Live search available for quick selection.

School Software Skyzone

Module Benefits

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